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5G Home Internet + Nextdoor welcome you to your new home with a New Mover’s Guide.


Discover beloved local businesses near you.

Get situated

Sell items and score new ones close to home.


Find neighbors who share your interests and hobbies.

Settle in with peace of mind.

Here’s a handy check off list for a fresh living situation.

Your I-wouldn’t-have-thought-of-that guide to moving in.

Get a new license

Update your license ASAP and then if you have a car, register it to this new address.

Update important documents online

Make sure your address is current for: USPS, Social Security Administration, insurance, your employer, voter registration, taxes.

Test your alarms

Your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors need to be tested to keep you safe.

Change your locks

You never know who has had a copy of your house key in the past. It’s best to start clean.

Schedule a deep clean

Especially if you’re not the first to move in, a professional cleaner can sanitize and polish your house like you never could.

Know where the mechanics are

Locate these central hubs: fuse box, gas valves, water valves, sprinkler systems, AC unit, shut offs.

Collect all your moving receipts

Many can use their move as a write off, so gather all documentation and receipts and file them away with your tax info.

Test all appliances

Whether they came with the house or you had to install, make sure every appliance is in tip top shape.

Set up for fire safety

Locate all the best locations for fire extinguishers and fire escapes and let your family know where they are.

Cut the cable. Switch to 5G Home Internet.

Get fast, reliable internet starting at $35/mo.

With Auto Pay and select 5G mobile plans.

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